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Sustainable Approach

Our mission is to accelerate and equip the World towards sustainable mobility. We achieve this by harnessing the very best of design, innovation, technology and advanced engineering to provide award winning product, manufacturing and technology solutions that promote and facilitate public transportation, personal mobility and digital display communications to reduce our carbon footprint, improve air quality and protect the environment. Trueform see this as essential to counter the challenges posed by rapidly increasing urbanisation, public health and air pollution.


We are always looking at ways to make our processes and products more sustainable, such as using recyclable materials when manufacturing our street furniture.


Solar Powered Infrastructure

Our ‘low-power’ digital displays are optimised to reduce energy during operation, to save on energy running costs, reduce temperatures whilst increasing efficiency and long term performance.


Green Living Infrastructure

Trueform’s green living infrastructure helps promote public transport usage. Made from recycled materials, our range includes options for EV bus charging, wind turbines and ‘green/living roofs’ that help add to biodiversity, purify air and provide ideal habitats for our endangered insects & wildlife.

Trueform Outdoor Media Sustainable Approach


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