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Our Partners: Mass Media

Mass Media challenges the notion that Digital out of Home (DOOH) advertising is inaccessible to smaller businesses and strives to simplify DOOH advertising by making it eficient, affordable and effective for every brand, agency and landlord across the UK.

Mass Media connect connect advertisers with audiences, using our network of high quality, reliable, more environmentally-friendly digital advertising screens which are strategically located in a growing number of high value sites alongside road networks and retail settings.

Our vision is to build a national network of high quality, reliable & environmentally friendly screens, delivering a premium and affordable way to connect businesses and brands of all sizes with their target audiences.

The Sales Process

  1. Specialists & Agencies – Most major brands use agencies to design and plan their OOH campaigns. This is where we continually build on those relationships to ensure our sites are always considered for their plans moving forward.

  2. SME’s & Hyper Locals – We work will clients of all sizes to build campaigns to fit their budgets as we fully believe in supporting the locals and keeping the high street alive.

  3. Programmatic – This is the future of buying and planning and we are already at the forefront of the digital agency’s plans due to buying into this method in the early days. Something that some of the bigger media owners are still reluctant to do.

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